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Thanks for joining the exciting ride! This truly is a first for me. I have written an article that appeared on someone else’s blog, but this is the first time I’m doing it all by myself. I’m feeling a little exposed (not that way), especially being an introvert. You’d think that I, with the dozens of speeches I’ve written and performed that this would be easy. It’s easy enough until I get nervous. And yes, I am a person who makes jokes when I’m feeling nervous and awkward, that is, if I don’t feel too awkward to speak.

A person can only be told so many times that they are funny before they stop procrastinating and do something about it. For me, it was 1,236 times.

Not really. If I had been keeping track I could never claim to be humble, could I? I know for sure it was more than one person though!

With this blog, I hope to reach my fellow introverts, funny people, people who aspire to be funny, and people who are funny who need to let it out like I do.  I would even venture to say that it could makes a person’s life better, make work more enjoyable, and make doing one’s job (especially if you’re a trainer) a little bit easier.

What does “Live Funny” actually mean? Where did this idea come from? Quite simply, it came from thinking. I do a lot of thinking about a lot of things, and sometimes, what comes out when I do write or speak is funny. Well, people laugh, so I’m assuming they find it funny!

“Funny” is also a way to live one’s life. Think about it: even that sounds funny: “Kathryn, how would you describe the way you live your life?” “I live funny!” I’m not talking only about being weird (which I am, as are most of my family and many of my friends – and that is funny in itself), but also the humorous kind of funny. It means seeing the lighter side of things and bringing more “funny” into your life, whether it be at work, in your hobbies, your relationships, or even what you say to yourself when you see yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning.  Things like: “Yikes!”, or “How you doin’?”, or “Whoa, what happened to YOU last night?” usually work for me!

Humour makes life more fun; it lightens things up when things get a bit too heavy, it makes the things we are taught more memorable, and it encourages us to be more accepting, I think, of one another’s differences among other things.

If we see the funny side of life in general, it makes those heavy situations a little less heavy. It’s about seeing the funny side of our varied personalities. This is especially true for introverts.

My friends, I am an introvert. I have been so all my life – but I’m not shy! I’m not loud either, so I thought: “why live loud, when you can Live Funny!” ?

There are many situations that we introverts find ourselves in as part of our regular lives, and those of us who aren’t introverts get a kick out of watching us in these situations,  so one of the things I’d like to entertain you with here is the funny side of being an introvert. Like with parties – we may not be the life of the party, but we can be the life of the pre-party before everybody gets there!

We’re good listeners and observers. This means that some of us – as in those of us who fancy ourselves (mostly in our heads of course) to be comedians, will use what we hear and observe to make fun of you as well as ourselves. Fair warning: Everything gets added to the humour file.

As this site grows, more of the “Coming Soon” ideas will make it onto the main page, to join “Home”, “Contact”, and “About Me”. I’ll do my best to add a new blog topic at least every two weeks, if not weekly, so I hope you’ll keep coming back. You can even subscribe! (Over there, on the side.) In the mean-time, check out the “About Me” page, where you can learn more about me and possibly get an even better idea of where I’m getting all this from.

I’m so excited to share all of this with you!

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