Welcoming Spring and Showing Your Face

It is officially spring in Canada now, and I am more than willing to embrace it: the longer, sunnier days, the smell of wet dirt, warmth. Winter was tough this year, and it seemed to drag on, so anything resembling spring-like weather is more than welcome. It also means showing our faces in public more. Even the local river is shedding it’s layers of ice. Here are some things about showing your face more as you welcome spring, and a few things that worry me about all of that.

Showing Your Face

People are beginning to come out of their caves, and they’re wearing fewer layers. No longer does everyone look like they’re about to rob a bank. We’re not required to hide our faces from the wind-chill and the polar vortex. I wonder if it’s easier to rob a bank in the winter, simply because nobody is suspicious of anyone wearing a balaclava – they were just trying to keep warm. For me, being able to see people’s faces is encouraging. Spring has arrived, and we’re all ready to welcome it. Sometimes, however, people show more than their faces before the weather has caught up to them, and this is one of the things that worries me.

Things That Worry Me as Spring Arrives

There are things that worry me as I welcome spring. These things cause me to worry even in the weeks leading up to the official change-over from winter to spring and they have to do with their effects on the weather. This may sound a little superstitious, and yes I can be superstitious about the weather, but it’s only because I care so much about it. I want spring to have the strength to give winter the boot and get it out of here. The following actions, which I have only seen guys do, jinx the weather in my opinion. It’s not that these guys control the weather on their own necessarily, but I certainly wouldn’t trust them to predict the weather (leave it to the groundhogs). There is proper timing for these things, because otherwise, like I say, it jinxes the weather and gives winter more power than it needs; especially when its turn is done.

Worry 1: The guy wearing shorts too early

One warm-ish day during winter, I saw a guy wearing shorts. It was still January I believe, and all this did was make it snow a few days later. There was a lot of snow too. I knew as soon as I saw this guy that he was jumping the gun on the shorts thing. He wasn’t, from what I could tell, coming from or heading to the gym, which might have offered an explanation for his attire, so judgment ensues. My suggestion: Keep your (long) pants on until temperatures are consistently warm, for the protection of all. Not only does this attire possibly jinx the weather, it also affects your ability to stay warm.

This “rule” doesn’t apply to the guy who wears shorts all the time, however. The guy who wears shorts year-round no matter what, doesn’t seem to have this same effect on the weather. Unless temperatures go extremely low, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find this guy wearing pants.  He must have other ways of keeping warm.

Worry 2: The guy wearing short-sleeves toward the end of winter

It was a sunny day, just a few weeks ago when I saw this guy while I was out and about. It was one of those nice days that gives home that spring would be arriving very soon. While it was sunny, it was still only about 4C. This guy definitely didn’t have the arm hair to support this mode of dress (to keep him warm). What if a strong wind picked up? I’m afraid there’d be a flash freeze of this poor guy’s arms. I guess if you’re just running across the road to grab a coffee, I get that it’s just too hard to put on a coat or even a sweater. I do understand that some of us simply get tired of wearing so much clothing.

A special note for anyone out there who is dying to show off their belly button (girls pay attention too): it’s still too early. Please wear an entire shirt, if only for warmth. As a first-aider, if I have to treat your for hypothermia, I am going to ask you where the rest of your shirt is, just as Shorts-Guy will be asked why he’s not wearing (long) pants.

Worry 3: Guy in Convertible with the top down

Okay, Convertible guy driving around on the second official day of spring with the top down, it’s your turn. Yes it is sunny, and you would look so cool if it weren’t 6C out and if I weren’t judging you. Here I am in my winter coat and boots and my “spring” hat, and this guy is acting like it’s July. At the very least it’s misleading and makes me doubt myself. Am I warm because I’m dressed appropriately for the weather? Or is it actually June and I’m warm because the air is warm. Am I really wearing a coat? Is this a dream? What’s going on?

Removing the Layers

There is a proper process for removing winter layers, which are many and heavy, and changing to spring layers, which are lighter and fewer. First, they are lighter, and then they are fewer.

The process of converting to a spring wardrobe and starting to get outside is a step-by-step process. If you get too excited and take it all off right away, you could shock yourself (too cold) and possibly get arrested. My recommendation, take it slow. Bring a few layers with you wherever you go, and be ready to remove them one at a time. Doing so will ensure that you’re prepared for temperature fluctuations, or if you see me coming and are afraid I’ll judge you. I’ll try not to, especially if I don’t always follow my own advice. I also get tired of the winter layers. There are even types of clothing out there that have zippered-vents in them so that you can still have clothing on, and ventilate key areas to keep you cool or warm you up as needed.

Spring is awesome and it fills us with hope. The plants will start to grow and bloom, and there is the promise of warmer weather coming. And once that warm-enough weather appears you can remove as many layers as you want. Enjoy!

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