Throwback – Stuff to write home about

I almost forgot that I had written blogs before, but it started on facebook. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the year I traveled to and around Australia. I went by myself, and folks back home made me promise to keep in touch. Writing about and sharing some of those things with my facebook contacts helped me do that. If I remember correctly, these get funnier as the year progresses. I think the “matter-of-factness” is entertaining.

In honour of this 10th anniversary, throughout the year I’ll be sharing those initial writings in addition to my regular articles. Here is the first one:

Stuff to Write Home About Volume 1 Issue 1-Melbourne

I have arrived in Melbourne and enjoyed my first week here. For the first time in my life, my luggage was forgotten/ misplaced by an airline. Fortunately it made it all the way to Australia…just didn’t make the last leg to Melbourne until a few hours later. Thank goodness for a fully stocked carry-on bag. Luckily I enjoy walking, because I have been walking everywhere around the very busy Melbourne CBD. The hostel I am staying in has a 6 hour city walking tour, but I have a feeling I have already done it. I have already done one thing I never did at home in recent memory, which is visit an Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria. Things I have done at home, but have also done here include: sitting next to a body of water (at home a lake, here the Yarra River) and reading a book, visiting a beach when it’s too cold to take off my coat, drinking beer.I am also taking advantage of the free breakfast (just toast really), free pasta night, and free Sunday pancakes here at the hostel. 

By the way, Jet Lag is as fun as it sounds. I’ve never been so exhausted in my life. Long flights are uncomfortable, but tolerable. I suspect as well that staying out and enjoying the Melbourne night life with some new friends last night may have set me back a little :). Photos will be posted in due course. I’m waiting until I have lots of good ones to put up. Just one week in, so I haven’t learned how to relax yet, but I’m working on it. Somebody get me a beer…Kathryn

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