Stuff to Write Home About: Volume 4 Issue 2 Still in Brisbane

I know it’s been several weeks since I posted one of these, so here’s another installment of Stuff to Write Home About. One thing I am definitely missing right now is the warmer weather.

In honour of the tenth anniversary of my year-long trip to Australia and New Zealand, I am sharing articles I wrote about some of my experiences and the places I visited during that year. It’s entertaining for me to read these writings of mine again and I hope you enjoy them too.

Okay, so I did say that Brisbane was a nice city. There are parts of it that are quite pretty. The Brisbane River is quite picturesque. I spent some time walking on the South Bank, and enjoying the sunshine there. There are shops and cafes in this area of town as well. The ones next to the Arts Centre where there are operas performed do well as places to stop before seeing a show (no, I didn’t go to the Opera). The River itself winds its way through the city, so it is easy enough to access from various parts in the city. There are numerous bridges, and ferries that run back and forth and across the river.

The “Roma Street Parklands” were a favourite of mine as well. This park is a bit of a tease. The first thing you see when you walk into the park is the huge, flat green grass. The thing one notices at the edge of the grass is the sign stating no “ball sports” are to be played on the grass. I did see people playing Frisbee (okay, technically no ball) and cricket (good thing nobody in authority saw). I walked directly across the grass, toward the man-made lake and sat there in the warm sun to read my book. I also took some time to walk around the gardens. This really is a nice relaxing spot. A city in Australia is not a proper Australian city unless it has at least one Botanic Garden (such as this one). The Roma St. Parklands were not the biggest gardens in Brisbane, but they were the closest to my hostel. This was important, because I was nursing an ankle injury while in Brisbane and so had to take it easy.

I felt my ankle was up to it (and actually didn’t much care since I was bored of sitting around) so I went on a tour of the “Gold Coast Hinterland” which is basically sub-tropical rainforest with lots of lush green forests and rainfalls. I got some more amazing photos of scenery, especially the waterfalls so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also enjoyed the morning tea (with baked goods) and lunch. Our guide said that what we didn’t eat, she would have to throw out, and so I of course did my part to get rid of the extra food. There’s something about hiking through the rainforest, or even just the thought of it that makes me hungry.

Brisbane has a great Art Gallery. I visited the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The building itself is a piece of modern art only a few years old. It is huge and quite impressive. I took in the China exhibit as well as the exhibit on American Impressionism.  Even though I am not an artist myself, I can certainly appreciate nice art and the skill required for the creation and construction of it at least. The museum was weird. There were too many “stuffed” dead animals in there for my liking.

Well, that’s it for Brisbane. It is now time to move on to Surfers’ Paradise.

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