Stuff to Write Home About Volume 5 Issue 3 – Coffs Harbour

In honour of the tenth anniversary of my trip around Australia, I am re-publishing my thoughts on the various experiences I had and the places I went. This week is about Coffs Harbour and it’s a short one. I wasn’t there long. I was probably more excited about seeing Dolphins, even if that doesn’t come across here. I was an introvert back then too.

The bus ride to Sydney from Byron Bay is quite a long one, so I decided to stop at Coffs Harbour for a couple of days. Coffs is primarily a fishing town, but is also popular with surfers in the summer months.  It is a very pretty town. The fish and chips are very tasty. While in Coffs Harbour, I visited “Mutton Bird Island”. The island is home to the Mutton Bird during the summer months. The birds were out of town as per their migratory pattern, but there was other wildlife to see here. There is a whale-watching lookout where one can watch for the Humpback whales as they pass on their way north. My first day, I didn’t see any, but on the second day I did. They were really far off-shore, so I didn’t see them in detail, but I did see them. I also saw dolphins swimming by. I went to Coffs wanting to see whales, and I accomplished my objective. 

Just like all the cities I have visited so far, Coffs Harbour has its own Botanic Gardens. There is a walk along the creek from where my hostel was, to the Gardens. It’s a nice walk: much nicer than walking along the road. There was even a Canadian section of the Garden where they had a maple tree. Being “winter” it didn’t have any leaves.  The Botanic Gardens are very relaxing to just walk around in.

There isn’t much to say about Coffs, except that it is a very beautiful and chill place to hang out for a few days. It might be something to go back in the summer to check it out…

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