About Kathryn

Don’t live loud. Live FUNNY!

Kathryn has a passion for humour, communication using humour, and doing so to the full extent of the law and what’s socially appropriate. It’s also a great way to live life! An introvert all her life, she is continually looking for ways to interact with the world in a way that works for her and her fellow introverts. Of course, being funny helps! People seem to like other people who make them laugh. And being liked is important to Kathryn.

“I think my favourite things to do are to write and say funny things” – Kathryn Reichheld

Described as “closet-funny”, Kathryn is quick-witted (watch for those lightning-fast comebacks), charming, and “fun to be around”. Never taking herself too seriously (except at times when drama is required) she’ll never take you too seriously either. And she’ll be there to help you to not take yourself too seriously. Always quick to laugh, smile, and find the funny side of what’s happening Kathryn strongly believes that “funny” should be let out of the closet. She encourages friends, family, and colleagues alike to see things the way she does.

See the Funny. Hear the Funny. LIVE the funny!

E-mail kathryn@kathrynreichheld.ca Hours Contact me anytime and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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